About Us



PLUR Skin is a rave inspired skincare line and accessories brand for everyone, not just the ravers of the world. At PLUR Skin, we focus on treating everyday skin problems and believe the skin, A.K.A the largest organ of the human body, should be treated with the utmost care.

PLUR is a well known acronymn the rave community, standing for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. It signifies who we are and what we believe in. Whether you are partying or not, let us take care of your skincare needs.

Our founder Vanessa Caballero, a Queens, NY Native has a passion for skincare, animals and raves. During the pandemic, she decided to take that risk and start her own company inspired by raves, skincare and animals. In the midst of the pandemic, PLUR SKIN was born!  Our bunny logo  is inspired by Vanessa’s late pet Angie. Angie was chosen to be PLUR Skin’s logo after she passed away back in in October of 2019.

Our beloved Angie will forever be the face of PLUR Skin, we believe animals shouldn’t suffer and/or die to test cosmetic ingredients. We avoid business with companies that harm animals for their products. We love animals, they bring immense joy to our hearts. We are cruelty-free, stress-free, and natural.

We hope you love to Rave, Relax, Repeat 

just like we do :)

Keep Glowin' 


-CEO of PLUR Skin

Vanessa Caballero